Terms and Conditions

Pricing & Payments 

We take Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and cashiers checks.  We reserve the right to cancel orders due to pricing or inventory conditions.  We do not offer  price match and will not issue a partial refund if the sale price of a firearm is lower after you make your purchase.

Returns and Cancellations

All firearms and nfa items are final sell no exchange or refund. Parts can be return within 15 days of the delivery date however we don’t offer shipping expenses for returning . We reserves the right to evaluate the merchandise to determine if a refund can be made. Products cancellation can be done before shipping. The services can be cancelled within 48 hours for full refund after the time period we charge 20% fee on a transaction. Refund usually processed within 30 days of the original purchase date will be issued in the same manner in which the original payment was made.

Store Waiver

CG provide periodic update on your demanded request, you may inquire as to the status of work order by email and phone in business hours. Customer may at any time request the work order be notified to completion. CG access the proper fee for the services already provided based on market prices, discretion and the rates agreed previously by CG and customer.

CG reserves the right to retain possession the work order until its been fully compensated for the services and parts had been provided.

Customer acknowledge that the firearm might be taken photo/video by CG for marketing usage, CG will cover/hide and conceal the serial number/personal information on the firearm for the original owner.

Some of the parts needed for project must be provided by customer or prepaid in advance. CG will negotiate/evaluate with customer if customer willing to change/add the parts we suggest.

All firearms can only be returned to the original owner ( the one who bring the gun in, the one who take the gun out) or FFL holder. CG can do back ground check if picked up by different person. Permitting evidence must be shown.

Customer do have to insuring his or her firearm during the time it’s in the possession of CG. As consideration for the gunsmith being performed pursuant to my direction, Customer agree to not make a claim against the property of CG

CG will charge 10 usd for long gun/sbr, 5 usd for pistol/pcc if customer does not pick it up within 10  days upon notified. Exception if informed CG.