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Cajun Gunsmith now offers Range Qualification for Texas LTC/Open Carry. Qualification begins with one hour of handgun familiarity, range safety, and scoring overview followed by shooting 50 rounds at a B27 silhouette target. The cost for this instruction is $100 and does not include ammo or range fee.

Texas LTC/Open Carry Range Qualification Requirements

The Texas LTC/Open Carry Range Qualification consists of firing a total of 50 rounds using a specific course of fire. The pistol must be a minimum of .32 caliber. You may qualify with a revolver or semi-auto pistol. DPS recommends you qualify with a semi-auto that can hold a minimum of 10 rounds. Optical enhancers such as lasers, red dot sites, or scopes, are not permitted by Texas DPS administrative code when qualifying.

Course of Fire

Stage 1: 20 shots fired from 3 yards

Stage 2: 20 shots fired from 7 yards in  5 stages

Stage 3: 10 shots fired from 15 yards in two 5-shot strings


To pass the Texas LTC/Open Carry range qualification,  a student must score 70%  (175 points out of a possible 250 points). All shots fired on B27 target in green, red, black, or blue.

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