Cajun Gunsmith is dedicated to timely, quality gunsmithing services at reasonable prices allowing gun owners to customize, modify, and repair their firearms. They also offer AR15 builds ranging from modern to Vietnam Era throwbacks such as the M16A1 and Car15. Our gunsmith’s qualifications as both a Glock Advanced and Sig Sauer Certified Pistol Armorer allows for work on Police and Military firearms as needs arise.

Our Smith: Michael McCoy Jr.  MMJ

Similar to most kids in southeast Louisiana, Michael began hunting at an early age becoming fascinated by the elegant, clockwork construction of firearms. However unlike most kids, he immediately started disassembling them and making modifications as well.

Working as a police officer Michael learned the importance of reliability, ergonomics, and efficiency, while as a teacher, he learned the value of thorough understanding and attention to detail. Having long appreciated guns as both tools and works of art, Michael’s early life led him to deepen his knowledge of firearms and open Cajun Gunsmith.

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